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Topics: Memory, Psychology, Amnesia Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Research Article Review
Ackil, J.K., & Zaragoza, M.S. (2011). Forced fabrication versus interviewer suggestions: Differences in false memory depend on how memory is assessed. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 25(6), 933-942. The goal of the current research was to compare incidence of false memories resulting from suggestive interviews involving forced fabrication with those involving exposure to misleading suggestions by the interviewer. Type of fictitious post-event information was manipulated within Pp (FF vs MS) and then the effects were compared relative to controls across several different retrieval and test conditions in two experiments. For the first experiment Ackil and Zaragoza found their participants in a general psychology class at a small liberal arts institution in rural Southern Minnesota who received extra credit for their participation. The total number of participants was 268. There was random assignment in this first experiment 136 Pp one week retention condition; 80 warned, 56 were not and 132 Pp two week retention condition; 76 warned, 56 were not. The method was: All Pp watched the same “eyewitness event,” a 9 minute excerpt from the film “Looking for Miracles.” All participants were all exposed to the same set of true and false event questions. For some false event questions Pp forced to generate the response which is considered a force fabrication condition. For other false event questions Pp read response aloud which is considered a misleading suggestion condition. Between experiments hypothesis was: there will be differences in false memory reports depending on the type of test, source recognition vs. narrative recall. Dependent variable: Extent to which Pp misattributed forcibly fabricated and suggested items to the witnessed event by answering affirmatively to questions on source recognition test. Measure of false memory was source recognition test, which encourages Pp to retrieve source specific info and tends to...
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