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Marketing Plan for Austin City Limits Live Music Festival
Demeka Randolph- Gomez -209345

When you think of live music in the United States and abroad, two places come to mind, Austin, TX and London, England. Music is something that brings people together from all walks of life, cultures and backgrounds and gives your body and soul a refreshing breather from life and the challenges that life brings. Our goal at ATX Live, LLC is to help bring these two worlds together and to create more of an international buzz for Austin’s Live Music World. Austin, TX is the capital of Texas and the Austin City Limits is a musical arena in Austin, TX that attracts people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds during the Austin City Limits Live Music and Arts Festival. The festival gives people an opportunity to experience all of what Austin has to offer in terms of music, culture, art, as well as, food. When researching target markets, I found that London, England has a huge underground music following and we believe that the people of London would love to see what Austin, TX has to offer. The festival features music of an eclectic variety of genres to include rock and country, jazz and rhythm and blues, bluegrass and indie, just to name a few. We believe once we give the people of London a taste of what Austin has to offer, we can begin to make this event even bigger than it has been in the past. TABLE OF CONTENTS

Marketing Strategy
Financials, Budgets, and Forecasts
Executive Summary

Market Summary
The people of London, England that we will market to are people that are music lovers and that have been looking for music, nightlife, good food, and an opportunity to travel will be able to experience all that Austin has to offer. The current business comes from local...
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