Art Of The First Global Age

Topics: Renaissance, Russia, Moscow Pages: 11 (368 words) Published: March 29, 2015
Art of the First Global Age
By: Meagan McConlogue

Italian Renaissance
• The Last Judgement.
– Painted by Michelangelo
– depicts the second coming
of Christ and his own
– depicts the various saints

Northern Renaissance
• Holy Family with St. Catherine
and St. Barbara
– Religious painting
– Made of oil on a wood canvas
– Depicts saints and the holy

• Virgin of the Rosary of Guápulo
– said to represent a miracleworking cult figure in a native parish in Guápulo on the outskirts
of Quito.
– Oil on canvas
– Shows a dressed statue of the
Virgin of the Rosary


• Saint Basil's Cathedral

– marks the geometric center
of Moscow.
– was the city's tallest building
until the completion of the
Ivan the Great Bell Tower in

– Built on orders from Ivan
the Terrible

• "Star Ushak" carpet
– Made of wool
– influenced by northwest
– The blue medallions on
the red ground are the
traditional colors of these

• Nilgai (blue bull): Leaf
– Ink, watercolor, and gold on
– As Jahangir wrote in his diary,
his great-grandfather Babur
had only described what he
saw, while he himself also
ordered drawings to be made
of the things he wrote about
– Shows the texture of the
creature's fur bone, horn, and
flesh, as well as its gentle

Ming China
• Welcoming Spring
– Embroidery on silk gauze
– Shows one boy rounding up
sheep and goats while
another leads a sheep
caparisoned for riding, in a
landscape with rocks,
stream, and sky
– expresses the connection
with the beginning of

• Ewost'atéwos and Eight Disciples
– Wood, tampera
– a tribute to the revered Ethiopian
visionary Ewost'atéwos
– The eight acolytes surrounding
Ewost'atéwos are depicted to
underscore their devotion and

During the first global age civilizations made many
developments in art. Some art depicted religion and
nature while others did not. Some even had secular
styles of art.


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