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Topics: Minoan civilization, Knossos, Bull Pages: 3 (893 words) Published: December 3, 2013
Midterm Exam

The cultural differences between the two pieces of art work are that the Hall of the Bulls painting is about spreading life from within while Ti and the Hippopotamus is more about after life so they can enjoy stuff they did in their current life in their after life. A similarity both pieces of art have are that they are both showing their hunting culture in the artwork and just how they lived and survived their everyday lives. The painting of Ti and the Hippopotamus is carved and chiseled while Hall of the Bulls is more loose and brushy.

a. The lines in the paleolithic mural Hall of the Bulls are more wavy and horizontal while the lines in the egyptian tomb fresco Ti and the Hippopotamus are more thin and defined. Both do have wavy lines, in Ti and the Hippopotamus the water beneath the boat has wavy lines with hippos and other aquatic fauna. b. The colors in Hall of the Bulls was charcoal created from their fires, and they used earth pigments of iron and manganese to create permanent color that we can still see today. The colors used in ti and the hippopotamus are more vibrant compared to Hall of the Bulls and more intense. There is also more of a variety. c. The painting hall of the bulls is non hierarchical meaning that all elements comprising the art object are of equal importance, while Ti and the Hippopotamus is more hierarchical meaning that art object is made up of elements of different comparative importance. The materials used for the Hall of the Bulls were charcoal painted on natural cave rock. The Egyptian relief was done in limestone.  In relief the picture is drawn and the background is then carved away from the subject matter.

The cultural meaning of The Judgement of Hunifer Before Osiris is to do good deeds and to be kind hearted to that you wont get eaten by Amemet. It was used to be passed down for generations so egyptian culture wouldn’t be forgotten. The Bull-leaping was shown as the palaces as...
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