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ART Aloe Vera And Its Health Benefits

By Deeksha-mamtani Apr 13, 2015 425 Words

Aloe Vera and Its Health Benefits
Aloe vera is a very short stemmed succulent plant with thick and fleshy leaves. It grows to a maximum height of 100 cm, generally cultivated in warm tropical areas. It is grown majorly on commercial basis due to the large-scale cosmetic and medicinal use of its extracts. For years, aloe vera has been regarded as the miracle plant due to its healing properties. Owing to its medicinal, it is used for treatment of various kinds of diseases. Health benefits of aloe vera include aiding ones digestion, boosting the immune system, treating internal inflammation and burns, respiratory disorders, treating diabetes, dental health, skincare, etc. In fact, the use of aloe vera for joints pain relief known to the medical world since a long time. All the medicinal properties of aloe vera are mostly found in its inner layers made up of thick viscous gel. After removing the outer layers from the leaves, the inner gel is extracted and processed to make aloe vera juice, which is the most common commercial form of aloe vera available in the market. Aloe vera juice is widely known for its detoxifying properties. Due to its high vitamin and minerals content, it is occasionally consumed directly to cleanse the body. Aloe vera juice also helps in protein absorption and balances bowel irregularity, thus keeping the digestive system healthy. Those who are looking for help in sharpen their memory; aloe vera juice might be the most natural alternative to the other artificial remedies. The presence of various antioxidants in the juice helps it in fighting off many disease-causing elements in our body thus helping in boosting the immunity. The most commercially viable benefit of the juice is its effect on skin and hair. So many cosmetic companies have been capitalizing on the skin and hair benefits of using aloe vera extracts. These benefits range from anti ageing , removal of dead cells , removing acne marks , preventing sun tan promoting hair growth , maintaining pH balance. The most trusted name in the aloe vera juice market is that of AloeCure. The company owns and operates its own farms where they cultivate and extract the aloe gel, which is then processed to produce the AloeCure juice. Their most interesting product is AloeCure probiotic and enzyme, which is a mixture of aloe vera and probiotics. The effect of this mixture has been hypothesized may have additive or synergized effect on the digestive system meaning that both mixed together will have a better impact than any one component used alone.

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