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Art Timeline

Alicia Hansen



Art Timeline

As curator of the museum I have been asked to develop an interactive timeline based on one art medium to improve the content of the museum website. I have chosen to do a time line based on paintings from the Chinese. I chose to do nature and landscape art work.

The first art piece is known as Chinese landscape artist from the 11th century developed the Old Tree, Level Distance hand scroll using ink and color on silk which is traditional to the Chinese style. The mountains are done with a single line which gives the impression of distance. The focal point of the trees contains the artists patterned brushwork which provides the image with a textured look. The environment of the landscape is designed with a look of moisture formed with the dark and light contrast. Symbolically, the painting is that of a saddened emotion almost as saying goodbye to something. A.D. 1080 Northern Song Dynasty

Old Trees, Level Distance
Guo Xi
Handscroll; ink and color on silk
The Metropolitan Museum of Art


The second art piece that I looked at was believed to be created by Qu Ding this hand scroll was created on silk with ink and pale colors during the 11th century of the North Song Dynasty. The hand scroll was created during a period when the images are meant to depict creation. Viewing the picture you connect with the nature as if present in the drawing, experiencing the textures that are created by the strokes and shadows that are created by the ink and pale colors used by the artist on the hand scroll. Possibly belonging to a collection this hand scroll creates balance while symbolizing an escape from life and into the world.

A.D. 960-1127 North Song Dynasty
Summer Mountains
Attributed to Qu Ding
Hand Scroll; ink and pale color on silk
The Metropolitan Museum of Art


The third art piece that I looked at was Southern Song Dynasty. The artist Ma Yuan created the Scholar by a Waterfall during the Southern Song Dynasty. The art I an album leaf done with ink and color on silk. Compared to the North Song Dynasty there is the presence of humans in the image with different textures. The garden reflects beauty with a waterfall in the distance made of smooth lines. The trees provide a textured line giving depth to the image. Though still consisting of traditional Chinese work there is uniqueness. The artist symbolizes beauty with smooth and textures strokes with small amounts of color as a focal point. A.D. 1127-1279 Southern Song Dynasty

Scholar by a Waterfall
Ma Yuan
Album Leaf; ink and color on silk
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The fourth piece of art that I looked at was the hand scroll by Zhao Mengfu during the Yuan Dynasty expresses the tradition of Chinese art with the influence of the Yuan Dynasty. The drawing, a hand scroll done in ink on paper, includes large levels of open space with calligraphy used to increase the energy of the image. The trees are formed with different brushworks compared to earlier Dynasties. Throughout the image the author is attempting to symbolize peace through the open space and energy through the calligraphy. The image is representing a larger picture of nature and creates distance through the trees close vicinity to the bottom of the image and the clouds smaller and off to the back. A.D. 1300 Yuan Dynasty

Twin Pines, Level Distance
Zhao Mengfu
Hand Scroll; ink on paper
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The fifth piece of art that I looked at was The Simple Retreat. Wang Meng created The Simple Retreat during the Yuan Dynasty which continues with the characters of the Yuan time. The image is of nature in an unnatural setting. The landscape is natural with textures seen only in art. The artwork contains bright colors consisting of different brush strokes, colors, and textures. The image symbolizes the power of nature yet the beauty that can be achieved. The sky depicts...

References: retrieved February 13, 2010.
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