Museum Visit Reflection Paper

Topics: Blue, Eye, Color Pages: 3 (1064 words) Published: October 15, 2014
Duaa Abdulilah
Art 104
Prof. Erickson
Thursday, Oct. 16, 2014
Museum Visit Reflection Paper
Going for the first time to the M.H. de Young Museum, in San Francisco was a wonderful experience for me. I learned about and saw amazing art that I had never seen before. It was a whole different feeling walking into the museum; everything looked so beautiful and different from what I was expecting to see. The three pieces of art that caught my eye as soon as I looked at them were the First Theme by Burgoyne Diller, Blue point by Kate Shepherd, and most of all The Coming And going by David Salle. This trip was a great experience for me and I got to learn and see new things.

The first painting that caught my eye was the First Theme by Burgoyne Diller. For some reason the colors of Blue, yellow, and white on black background caught my eye. I thought it was very different and unique to start off with a large square in the middle and then a long yellow rectangle and a blue long rectangle on a black background. It looked so fascinating to me. Just the idea and the colors that were used made the painting seem very different than the other ones around it and the fact the artist used these three colors together made it stand out more. This made me think a lot about the way it was structured. I absolutely loved it, and it reminded me a lot of Picasso’s art work as well. Looking at that painting made me feel the different moods of the color as well, white was more like happiness. Yellow and blue next to each other felt like two different moods as well. It was just something else.

The second painting that really caught my eye as well was the Blue Point by Kate Shepherd. This painting came in three frames and different shades of beautiful dark blue all next to each other. (Blue Point # 01) which is the first frame was absolutely beautiful. It was like all the different shades of blue together in an organized way that can make you feel very happy and calm. My most...
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