Arson and Fire Investigation

Topics: Police, Arson, Fire investigation Pages: 3 (755 words) Published: April 29, 2012
Ben Groesbeck
Intro to Criminal Justice
October 2, 2011
Arson and Fire Investigation
What is arson and fire investigation? Arson and fire investigations are conducted to find out whom or what was responsible for creating a fire. It is critical that we know why a fire was created so you can prevent it from ever happening again and also to determine what accelerants were used if any. In this paper I will go into depth on what it takes to become an arson or fire investigator.

How do arson and fire investigators get where they are at? It all starts with law enforcement for the most part. They earn associates or bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or any other related degree.

Many arson and fire investigators started off in law enforcement and with investigation experience began to specialize in fire and arson investigation by taking courses in these areas. Earning a criminal justice or related degree is often a requirement and will help you gain some of the necessary skills and knowledge you'll need to be successful. Other investigators attend academies or schools that offer programs in fire science and investigation. The ATF for example, has a special training academy for their fire investigators and Arson investigators (How to Become an Arson Investigator). Earn an associates or bachelor's degree in criminal justice, fire science, engineering, science or chemistry. Criminal justice and engineering will provide you with the most relevant education for a career in fire investigation. Most police and fire departments require some college education (associate's degree) and more are starting to require a bachelor's degree. The ATF requires a four-year degree (bachelor's). Law enforcement agencies will open the door for a career in arson and fire investigation. Many fire and arson investigators recommend volunteering in your local fire department while earning your education, attend fire and arson investigation related conferences, pursue...

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