Arranged Marriage in India

Topics: Marriage, Family, Arranged marriage Pages: 4 (1550 words) Published: May 16, 2010
Arranging a Marriage in India
Serena Nanda
Arranged marriages in Indian society have been the norm for many centuries. Even today, an overwhelming majority of Indian people have their married arranged by their parents, or respected family members.As American we never really contemplate the idea of having someone choose our life-long partner. That’s not the case in other nations such as India, arranged marriage in India is a very common practice, yet here in the United States arranged marriages are frowned upon. We believe that everyone has the right to choose who they want to spend their lived with. Although I believe that we should be free to make our own choices I also can see what the advantages and disadvantages of an arranged marriage.

We are all at no point or another in the search for “the one”, that person that will makes us happy and that will always be by our side. As adolescents, and further on in life the search for the perfect soul mate becomes more serious, there are new things to worry about like our ability to conceive children and our monetary stability. Everyone wants to live a comfortable lifestyle yet; some people are more worried about being able to get married than actually establishing themselves as productive members of society. Marriage in the world is seen as a right of passage something that you should try to achieve as soon as possible. There are television shows where contestants are put to the test to win the love of a man or woman. Would that be considered an arranged marriage or an engagement due to the fact that the person looking for love has no say in who she meets? Arranged marriages or marriage itself is based on my principles but in the United States the importance of love is what defines whether or not you will marry someone unlike in India where family, reputation, and the ability to conform to other peoples demand is what makes marriage so successful.

Arranged marriages can have many advantages and...
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