Army: Sociology and Team Leader

Topics: Sociology, Virtue, Management Pages: 3 (932 words) Published: April 21, 2013
By Groves, Ian, L
The importance of being on time and communication
With leadership on the first level

This paper will tell you why it is imperative to be timely and also to keep good communication with your leadership mainly at the first level. This paper is a result to not showing up on time to a formation, and failing to let someone know what was going on. So now this paper will explain the importance of the ways someone could prevent it from happening to them. Being late makes people look bad and reflects upon the people in charge of them. Leaders are in charge of making sure the people they are in charge of are doing the right thing at all times and keeping them squared away.

It is very important and imperative that one be on time to formations, briefs and anything else they are scheduled to do that day because if someone misses a brief or meeting they could miss very important information, every mission has a starting point and if your higher-ups tell you that is when they want to get stuff started. If you’re late that could mean doing push-ups Also, if you’re too late for duty you’re considered AWOL (absent without leave). Usually one should try to be early because being early, is always better than being late, it also reflects positively on you as a person, on your team leader and anyone in charge of them because you are a reflection of your team leader and anything he teaches you. It makes you and them look and seem squared away and on their game and not a lazy unmotivated scum bag. So if you want to impress your upper chain of command it would be a good idea to be at least on time if not early. You’ll look good and impress people hopefully the right people.

This paper will also tell you the importance and imperativeness of keeping good communication between you and your team leader at the first line level. “The purpose of communication is to create new or better awareness. Effective communication implies the clear expression of vision and...
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