Arkansas Barley Fields

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Arkansas Barley Fields by Louis Freund

18 in. x 24in.
Painting/ Oil on Board

Arkansas Art Center

The painting, Arkansas Barley Fields, by Louis Freund is illustrated with a landscape, covered in greenish, brown grass, barleys, dark green trees, sky blue water and mountains. The sky above the mountains is blue with a few clouds, which may indicate that the time of day is evening or afternoon. This painting was made in 1939 and its medium is oil on a board. It is currently being shown at the Arkansas Art Center and measures approximately 18 inches by 24 inches.

Arkansas Barley Fields illustrates multiple visual elements of art and also principles of design. The visual elements employed consists of space, time and motion, and line. Multiple lines are shown in this painting; regular and irregular lines, implied line and communicative lines. Freud uses natural and organic lines for the landscape of this artwork. The grass located in the front of the barley and the barley itself illustrates irregular lines. Irregular lines at first, may seem chaotic and maybe even scribbled, which is exactly what seems to be the issue in the illustration of the barley. Though the lines seem scribbled, the painting as a whole is controlled and easy to view and comprehend. Irregular lines can be described as free and unrestrained and are defined as the reflection of the wildness of nature, chaos and accident, unlike regular lines, which express control and planning. Regular lines are illustrated in the bark of the trees. The lineup of the trees not only express regular lines, but also implied line. In this artwork, implied line is shown in the lineup of the trees and also in the lineup of the barley. There is not an actual line portrayed but the way that the trees and barley are positioned causes an implied line. Since Freud uses irregular lines in the illustration of the barley, the "chaos" would also be conveyed by using communicative diagonal lines, which...
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