Are We Too Dependence on Computers

Topics: Affect, Human, Effect Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: March 20, 2011
Today we live in Modern era where fast technology is one of the great gift or boom to humanbeing.I think computer is one of the gift to humanbeing to make daytoday life very easy & comfortable with full facility.I found computer & net is benefit that people feel world is in house itselt.see every coin has it's negative and positive side i think computer has it's two side.let try to judge this topic.

first of all,computer now a days used for part of life like tea & eating habit people have habit to use computer and net plays vitel role and it's imporatant to use it. computers. They are used

in business,hospitals, crime detection and even to fly planes. this is perfectly work done through computer is boom for everybody i can say businessmen is able to make profit through this also run school through computer.Doctor makes reports of patients and able to make records update.even plain also fly through computer.even i can say my two kid also run & do education through computer so even they tell me mom this gift come from haven.

secondly like positive effect it has also negative effect e g it affect health,obesity and if tinager try to watch porn site on website then it affect to their life & culture.eyes affected.

thridly, many technology developed & computer is invited for human means closest to humanbeing & it's usage is so much important some time i feel that e g before 10 years ago i write books of account in written base now the condition is that i use all software like tally & all for account so my position is that some time i recall allentry for book & i feel that we day by day forgot that system.

lastly,like coin computer have it's two side but as human being have brain to apply they must know it's side effect so they should be much carefull for it's is ultimate invension and let we try to enjoy it.
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