Norms of Apple

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Diversity and Cultural Norms of Apple

October 7, 2010

Diversity and Cultural of Apple

As our society continues to evolve, technology has created an outbreak of shortcuts for humans to

make use of each day. As our ancestors has left us with such creations as electricity, the telephone,

transportation and much more, geniuses of today’s world has taken society to another level. The

technology that we use today allows us to do so much although we are physically doing nothing.

Gadgets such as computers, cell phones, iPods, and navigation systems are just a few

enhancements civilization has adapted too, and Apple Computers is one of the companies that have been

a success in creating this enormous outbreak of technology. Apple Computers was established on April 1,

1976 in Cupertino, California by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne and incorporated on

January 3, 1977.

Apple is credited with the creations of a lot of the technology enhanced gadgets which we use on

a daily basis in the work place and in our personal lives. Apple is accredited with such products as Apple

Computers, computer software, ipad, the iphone and many forms of electronic products. Because

technology is an enhancement to all cultures, race, creed and gender, Apple products are offered in not

only in the United States but in Africa, Middle East, India, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, The

Caribbean and Canada.

As Apple’s products are being marketed to almost all nations, their trademark never changed.

Apple simply figured out how and what it takes to satisfy their target market. Some people may have

never realized on their cell phones and computers that they have an option to change the language and the

time zone. These are added features set in each system to accommodate the many cultures in which Apple


As a convenience to all of Apple’s customers, no matter what country they may reside in, Apple

has many retailers available to purchase Apple products and a 24 hour technical support. Apple products

can be purchased at major retailers like Sears, Wal-Mart and Price Club. Also products can be ordered via

internet or by phone. Apple’s Technical support staff is knowledgeable in all areas about Apple’s

products and has been labeled as geniuses. From the Genius Bar Apple’s Technical support is known for

the “use their impressive knowledge to answer technical questions, troubleshoot problems, and perform

repairs right in your neighborhood store.” (2010) The Genius Bar is also a common place to receive free

advice, insight, and friendly hands-on technical support.

As Apple continues to break technology barriers the company has recognized areas in which they can improve. Understanding the challenges & maximizing the benefits of diversity, Apple must set forth an action plan. The first course of action involves creating, facilitating, and implementing strategies for embracing, promoting, and celebrating diversity. In order to achieve desired results, Apple will focus inward on the internal organizational culture. Simple actions such as recognizing foreign holidays will give employees a better awareness of the importance and influence that other cultures have on society. For instance, during the American Christmas holiday season, the internal organization at Apple can also incorporate the celebrating of Kwanzaa and Hanukah. Email blasts to employees with daily facts about each holiday will ensure that Apple is providing the necessary tools to educate employees on diversity. Opposed to only having an annual Christmas party, a celebration of Kwanzaa and Hanukah will also showcase that the organization is aware and accepting of other diverse cultures. Another action plan in creating, facilitating, and implementing strategies to maximize the benefits of diversity is to...

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