are we really superior?

Topics: Hunting, Mammal, Suffering Pages: 2 (758 words) Published: January 14, 2014
Are We Really Superior?

For centuries humans have being considered as the superior specie, due to evolution humans are supposed to be the smarter, better and superior kind, but are we really the superior specie. We are destroying the habitats of the “inferior” specie; we are not only leaving them without homes but worse of all. We are using for ENTERTAINTMENT. We are making them do tricks for us, we are using them to get money; we are holding them captive; in places like zoos, circuses and aquariums, and worst of all we hunt them for fun Animals should not be used to entertain humans. These animals are tortured and killed for the sake of entertainment. Have we evolved at all since the Roman times? Animal circuses can be really fun and enjoy full to watch, but if you think about it are they fun for the animals; should they be doing that kind of stuff, and more importantly how does the trainer get the elephants two stand In two legs, how do they get lions to do as they ask. Well its simple trainers techniques that involve fear, submission, deprivation and physical punishment. Joel Parrot, executive director of the Oakland Zoo, testified before congress that training “can be severe, using techniques that include, prolonged hitting by the elephant trainer with clubs, stabbing with the point of the ankus, pitchforks, electricity, electric prods, prolonged chaining and food deprivation.” You might think Zoos are great way to protect animals but the real function of Zoos is to earn money. Zoos Say that they are there to educate people about the animals but they usually only provide the name of the animal. The only thing they teach is that it is okay to keep animals in captivity, bored, lonely and far from their natural habitat. The cages or prisons as I would call them are usually very small and are built with the visitor’s perspective in mind and not the animal’s, this prisons almost never meet the needs of the animals. This limited space denies animals to...
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