Topics: Mobile phone, Personal digital assistant, Information technology Pages: 7 (1490 words) Published: December 1, 2014

Are People too dependent on Technology?
Glenda K. Walker
Strayer University
Critical Thinking – PHI 210
December 1, 2014
Professor Earle J. Fisher

My question is “Are people to dependent on technology?” My answer is most definitely. Have you ever been to a restaurant and no one at the table is talking, they are all on their cellular devices. I can assure they are texting, checking emails, or playing a game. What has happened to the old fashion way of communication? I can tell you it is a thing of the past and probably not anywhere in the future. My teenage does not call for me at home when he is upstairs, he just texts me. We are in the same house just call my name and I will answer. I find myself in similar situations. I would add things up in my head but now I reach for my cellphone just to do basic math. Do you find yourself in these situations or something similar? Did you know that they can use calculators when taking the American College Testing (ACT)? Back in my day that was not allowed. I also find that students in school use there calculators for test taking. I do not have a problem with this if they are taught formulas to put into the calculator but, I also think they should learn how to do it the long way with pencil and paper. I see some professors checking their cellphones during class, which I am also guilty of. My daughter takes her cellphone to bed with her. I can see the light from under the covers. You would think she was a doctor on call. She cannot live without her cellphone. Oh, do any of you have a face book account, twitter page or instagram account? I know you do. Most of you cannot make it through the day or, should I say an hour without checking one or all of these accounts. I love my cellphone but, sometimes I leave it at home just to be free. I do understand the quest to expand our knowledge is a basic human trait. Despite much theorizing and research, the ability to learn remains astonishing and mysterious. What we learn builds our knowledge, informs our understanding, and shapes our values and decisions. Learning is vital to individuals and to society. Like researchers and educators, people are interested in what and how we learn. Decker, B., Lankford, E. L., & Scheffer, K. A. (2003) Art education vol. 56 issue1, 25-32. Abstract retrieved from Education Source database:  Although I agree that we depend too much on computers, I like keeping up with technology. My major is Information Technology. There is nothing wrong with using computers but, do not forget to stimulate your brain because if you do not use it you will lose it. Do a crossword puzzle or read a book, Bible, or your favorite magazine. Seven signs we are too dependent on technology. (1) If the Internet is down, work is over for the day. If the internet is down you cannot send emails or contact other employees in writing therefore, some employees are sent home. (2) Buyer’s remorse is much more common. Some people shop online but, the problem comes in when you are not satisfied with the item and you have to send it back. Like they purchased a bench that was unassembled and they assembled it and would not work for them and they could not send it back because they had put it together. There was no option to send an item back that was assembled therefore, they put it on Craig’s list and sold it for half the price. (3) You don’t live in the moment. When they tried to record their daughter’s ballet recital the camcorder was malfunctioning. By this time the moment was over. There are so many moments we try to capture on video, only to realize that we’re not experiencing the moment we are trying to capture. (4)  Nobody knows a phone number.  If you lost your cellphone and all of your contacts, it’s very possible you’d have no idea how to get in contact with anyone, let alone someone important to you. (5) You are...

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