Topics: Romeo and Juliet, English-language films, Franco Zeffirelli Pages: 3 (581 words) Published: October 12, 2014
 Eduardo Palacios
Week 6 assignment

Archetype Love Based on Romeo and Juliet.

In the movie Romeo and Juliet, film directed by Franco Zeffirelli in 1968. I chose love as archetypal. “Why do we struggle with love or why does love so often get so difficult? We as people are all born with the character of love and most people want to be in a relationship. So why do so many relationships go wrong? As with Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet we often believe that are love will be so powerful that we block all the family history and conflicts and all the drama that comes when two people fall in love. We as people in the beginning of our relationships always fantasize a love story like Romeo and Juliet and believe that our love will be written down in history. But more often than not we find that our love stories end in a tragedy for some reason” (Dr. Gary Trosclair, 2010). The archetypal of love has been around way before the play of Romeo and Juliet and it continues to be seen in earlier movies and in movies today. The story describes a recurring pattern that not only happens in play, movies and books but it also happens all the time in real life. “The recurring pattern that wreaks our relationships what we know as love isn’t just about our families history but the conflicts inside us that haven’t been resolved in our life’s that we bring to our relationship. Romeo and Juliet may be our cultures most powerful love story” (Dr. Gary Trosclair, 2010). Through archetype of love movies we could learn the struggles, the happiness, and the dangers that love could bring to us. And by learning from these movies and giving them some attention. We might be able to learn from love movies and avoid the dangers of love. Most time in the beginning of a relationship we sometimes feel like nothing can break us apart we feel like kings and queens so in love that sometimes it doesn’t even feel real all you could...
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