Arcadia National park

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Acadia National Park

There are many amazing National Parks in the United States, Acadia national Park is a beautiful park located in Maine. One of the most beautiful things about this park is their mountains. On one of their mountains there looks to be a boulder that is bubble rock. According to “down east and Acadia” Scientists believe that it was formed together by the movement of the glaciers and that the rock had traveled forty miles. The closest town near Acadia National Park is Bar Harbor, Bar Harbor is known for its activity. The road to get to Acadia National Park is Cadillac Mountain Road (nps).

Acadia National Park is protected because of its offshore islands, Native Plant, and its animal life(nps). According to John William Uhler, “Acadia National Park was established in 1919 but was changed in the year of 1929. President Wilson signed for Acadia to become a national park (John). According to National Geographic, “The size of Acadia National Park is 49,600 acres.” The people involved in getting Acadia National Park signed into a park were private citizens, main residents, and summer visitors. Private Citizens donated money, while main residents donated time (nps).

Before Acadia National Park became a national park there used to be Native American tribes that lived in what is now known today as Acadia National Park. According to the National Park Service, “The most commonly named tribe that is known to have lived in Acadia is the Wabanaki tribe. The Wabanaki’s tribe name means (people of the dawn or dawnland people)” ( nps). The western history that was brought to Acadia was brought by George B. Dorr, he is known as the father of Acadia National Park. He had lived in Acadia for most of most of his life. The year he had passed away was in 1944 (National Park Service). He had lived in a house he had built with his family and they called it the old farm. For most of his adult life George had been trying to expand...
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