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National Park Service

Banff National Park is Canada's oldest national park, established in 1885 in the Rocky Mountains. Banff is the third-oldest national park in the world. In 1883, three railway workers, Thomas McCardell, William McCardell and Frank McCabe discovered a number of hot springs (now known as cave and basin) at the base of what is now called Sulphur Mountain. The park started as a 25 square kilometers (10 square mile) reserve around the Sulphur Mountain Hot Springs, established by the Dominion of Canada...

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John Muir: The Father Of Our National Parks

Have you visited a national park? Do you ever walk around and enjoy nature? You can thank a man named John Muir. John Muir was a naturalist who can be known as “The Father of Our National Parks”. He helped preserve many of our national parks that we see today. John Muir and his love for the wilderness helped the American people learn that they need to preserve the natural beauty around them. To understand how he helped the people learn to preserve the environment, we need to know about his childhood...

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Hot Springs National Park

Hot Springs National Park A Brief History of Hot Springs National Park The area we now know as Hot Springs National Park, was first a territory of the United States in 1803. It was part of the Louisiana Purchase. In 1807, settlers came and soon realized it was an area that had potential to be used as a health resort. A short time after, in the 1830s, log cabins and a store was built to meet the needs of visitors. Today, thousands of people go to the springs every year. ...

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Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

the designated area for the park first hand. This was to gain support in creating a national park in the state of Hawaii. January 20, 1916 was the date of the fourth and final draft of the Hawaii National Park bill; this was introduced by Jonah Kuhio. The committees met and on April 17 the House approved the bill. Then the Senate followed and on August 1, 1916; our president at the time President Wilson signed the bill into law and created the twelfth National Park. It wasn't until five years...

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National Park Essay

Justin Doll GEOL C105 October 24, 2014 National Park Essay Yosemite National Park first became a national park in 1890 with the help of Yosemite’s most famous advocate, John Muir. (APN Media, LLC, 2013) The park boasts some of the most easily recognizable geologic features in the world. Many of the most recognizable features are glacier cut granite walls and domes, and the waterfalls that fall off of them. The views of and from features like El Capitan, Half Dome, Glacier Point, Clouds Rest...

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Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park Yellowstone National Park is the world's first national park founded in 1872. It is located in the state of Wyoming and extends into Montana and Idaho. Amazingly, this park is big enough to be its own state. It measures over 2 million acres in size, making this park larger than both Rhode Island and Delaware combined. Yellowstone is not your ordinary park, and its benefits to humanity are truly significant. With millions of visitors each year, Yellowstone...

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Yellowstone National Park

Final Outline Topic: Yellowstone National Park General Purpose: To give information concerning Yellowstone National Park Specific Purpose: To inform an audience about the history and facts of Yellowstone National Park Thesis Sentence: Yellowstone National Park is America’s oldest and eighth largest national park. INTRODUCTION Yellowstone National Park is located primarily in the northwestern region of the state of Wyoming. The outskirts of the park extend to parts of southern Montana...

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Redwood National Park

Delia 6th Hour Redwood National Park Imagine yourself standing at the base of a Coastal Redwood tree and looking up 300 feet to the top. You would soon feel insignificant, like an ant looking up at a blade of grass. Not to mention all of the other towering species of plant life, such as huckleberry bushes, found in Redwood National Park. Although the park is famous for its Redwood trees, hence the name of the park, they are not all the park has to offer. There is a wide variety of...

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Privatization of National Parks

privatization of U.S. National Parks, Yellowstone and Grand Teton, National Parks is discussed and outcomes of such measures are explored. The U.S. National Parks decided to conduct a study to explore how privatization of various park services such as; rangers and scientific work would fare. The studies were conducted in an effort to create greater efficiency, accountability and cost effectiveness. Opponents of privatization of national parks urged that privatization of national parks would create a greater...

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The Everglades National Park

everglades national park The everglades national park is located in southern Florida. The variety of this habitat has made it a sanctuary for many animal species even some that are in danger of extinction. Some of the animals that take sanctuary in this national park are an assortment of reptiles such as alligators and snakes, an assortment of birds and even the endangered manatee. The everglades national park was put on the world heritage endangered list in 1993 after the parks superintendent...

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