Aravind Eye Hospital: Case Preparation Questions

Topics: Tamil Nadu, Ophthalmology, Hospital Pages: 2 (869 words) Published: October 6, 2014
“Aravind” Case Preparation Questions:
1. What should be the objectives for Aravind Eye Care System, and what implication do these objectives have for rural market? (As Aravind is the largest provider of eye care services in Tamil Nadu, the gap in the performance of cataract surgery between Tamil Nadu state and the state of Gujarat may be used as an indicator of possible improvement in performance for Aravind) The objectives of Aravind Eye Care System are eliminating needless blindness and restore eyesight to the millions of people with poor vision by providing high-quality, high-volume and compassionate eye care to all. Although Aravind Eye Care System was being expanded to provide total Eye care, the outreach eye camps which have been operating by Aravinds’ reached only 7% of the people in rural villages who had eye problems. As a consequence, objectives for Aravind Eye Care System are to reach out to and cure a much larger percentage of the affected people in the remote area. In the meantime, to solve the firm’s target to serve poor blind people, a low cost facility with 100 beds was added only for those who needed free treatment. And Aravind had added to its service mix such specialties as treatment of many type of diseases. In the case of incurable blindness, Aravind provided rehabilitation service. Furthermore, in Tamil Nadu, Aravind was one of the biggest providers of eye care services, having conducted 16,747 cataract surgeries in 2009/10, compared with 488,666 cataract surgeries performed in Tamil Nadu. The productivity in terms of number of surgeries was low for other hospitals compared with that of Aravind. The cataract surgical rate per million people in Tamil Nadu was 7,633, compared with the national average of 4,425. Gujarat had the largest number of eye camps, and cataract surgical rate per million people in Gujarat was 10,015. 2. Examine the reasons for the poor acceptance of eye care services by rural consumers. This answer may require...
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