Ar 600-20

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Chapter 3 contains information on Enlisted Aspects of Command including delegation of authority, noncommissioned officer support channel, precedence of relative grade, and date of rank, enlisted soldiers. Delegation of authority basically explains that whomever is in charge, wheather it be an officer or NCO will properly delegate all authority to the correct channels or individuals. The NCO support channel has 10 major missions in their job. Transmitting , instilling and ensuring the efficacy of the professional army ethic. Planning and conducting the daily dutys to keep the unit up and running. To make sure the enlisted soldiers train on their MOS's and basic skills to be a soldier. They also oversee the physical fitness of the soldiers and make sure they stay within their weight barriers. They need to teach soldiers the history of the army. Taking care of the soldiers and their families on and off duty is another duty of the NCO. These were just a few of the duties an NCO needs to stay on top of and accomplish.

Chapter 4 is about Military Discipline and Conduct including military discipline, obedience to orders, military courtesy, soldier conduct, maintenance of order, exercising military authority, disciplinary powers of the commanding officer, settlement of local accounts on change of station, civil status of members of the reserve component, participation in support of civilian law enforcement agencies, membership campaigns, and extremist organizations and activities. "All persons in the military service are required to strictly obey and promptly execute the legal orders of their lawful seniors." This is a rule that all individuals must live by wheather they agree or disagree. All individuals in the armed forces will show respect to seniors at all times. This helps to maintain military discipline. Military personnel will also show respect to the National Anthem and the National Colors if they are in uniform or not.

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