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AP WORLD HISTORY - CHAPTER 26 - The New Balance of Power - Study Guide 1. By 1915, the U.S. railroad network was
[A] built with the labor of African slaves. [B] designed by German engineers. [D] the largest in the world. [E] second only to Japan. 2. How was ocean shipping transformed by the mid-nineteenth century? [A] The average size of freighters increased from 200 to 7,500 tons. [C] Propellers replaced paddle wheels. [D] Steel replaced wooden hulls. 3. The “annihilation of time and space,” extolled by the public and the press, referred especially to [A] the development of aircraft. [B] an accurate clock.

[D] the science fiction musings of H. G. Wells. [E] submarine telegraph cables. 4. Englishman Henry Bessemer is best known for his advances in producing [A] dynamite. [B] nitrocellulose.
5. What qualities make steel different from iron?
[A] It is both hard and elastic.
[C] The more valuable metal, taconite, can be derived from it. [E] Steel is less expensive to manufacture than iron. [C] steel.
[C] demolished and replaced with new highways.
[B] There were more efficient, powerful engines. [E] all of these [C] transcontinental railroads.
[D] taconite. [E] aniline dyes.
[B] Steel produces more pollution when manufactured. [D] Steel is easier to manufacture. 6. The chemical dye industry hurt tropical nations such as India because [A] of those nations’ textile industries. [B] Indians and other tropical peoples could not afford chemical dyes. [C] of the environmental impact of dye factories. [D] the industry exploited workers in those countries. 7. The development of nitroglycerin was important for

[A] the chemical dye industry. [B] food preservation. [C] explosives. [D] agriculture. 8. Industrial chemistry was a great advantage to Germany because Germany [E] those nations grew the most indigo.

[E] medicine.
[A] had the most advanced scientific institutions. [B] controlled the sources for the raw materials. [C] was the most innovative nation at that...
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