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When someone brings up the word appreciation, one may have many stories to tell about whom they appreciate and why they appreciate them. Having appreciation shows how much one truly cares about something and their attitude towards different people and things. Some people need to realize that what they have compared to others is a gift that was given and need to appreciate that, whereas some unfortunate people are struggling to make ends meet with what was given to them. A prime example in today’s world is teenagers who do not appreciate how hard and how much their parents work to give them what they want and it still not be enough to satisfy them. A teenager wants so much and what they do not realize is how much their parents try to do for them and they do not appreciate it one bit.

One way to show appreciation for someone is when he or she does something nice for you and you do something in return for him or her. One may see it just as being nice to people, but someone may also see it as being generous and helping others out just to show that good people still do exist. Doing something for someone shows him or her that you appreciate what he or she have done for you and you are just returning the favor in a polite manner. It is a good way for one to show generosity and self-esteem to others. Having self-esteem in oneself shows others that one is a better person and does not live to please others, but to please what one can do to make them appreciate you.

Being grateful to others just shows what kind of person you are and how you were brought up. It is very important that you acknowledge who does stuff for you, and if one does not respect that they should consider becoming a better person themselves. Appreciation to me should plays a big role in a person’s way of life, because showing that towards someone could make a huge impact on the way one treats one another. Also, showing plenty of gratitude to oneself makes one a better person and will...
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