Apple Company

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Apple Company

Apple Company The Apple Company it’s one of the most successful companies nowadays. This paper talks about how the company starts its empire, and the methods they use to advertise, sell and have the competitive advantage over the rest of the companies. The beginning of the most innovative company today started not so successful as it is today. Steven Wozniak and Steven Jobs were friends since college they decided to create together a new idea First, a company with so many problems and failures still manages to survive and thrive at the expense of marketing. That is, positioning, differentiation, advertising, and other tricks to help change the consciousness of the consumer so that the people does not argue about the price, and end up buying the product following their way to presented to the world“for those who think differently." Apple is positioning its products as elitist, image, and thus sell much more than they would cost, do not be in their price image component. Of course we cannot forget about another pile, which Apple is the American system of education. Back in 1997, among the school computers in the U.S. Apple II were fifth. As a result of these students and form a layer, from which the life-giving source and beats Apple. For a long time, the company's products were designed for a narrow circle of "elite". Historically, Apple has worked in the segment of "creative professionals." The company's products still remains popular in the areas of content creation, printing, design, publishing, education, architectural design, and medicine. In addition, Apple fans are people in whose veins flowed the "thinking differently" - in line with the slogan of «think different». For almost thirty years, it was stable and did not increase the percentage of users of computer equipment in the world.

But it seems that the situation is slowly and almost...

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