Apple Company

Topics: Apple Inc., Marketing, Steve Jobs Pages: 4 (1113 words) Published: November 24, 2008

An overview of Apple computer Inc. Some may not see it as necessary but I have included it so the reader can gain a better understanding of this project.

Who are they?
 A Silicon Valley computer company
 Based in Cupertino, California and founded April 1st 1976  Famous for helping the personal computer revolution to commence  Known worldwide for the success of their hardware including the iPod and the iMac.

ne of the main reasons that I have chosen Apple computers as my topic is that in my opinion, Steve Jobs (founder of Apple Computer Inc.) is undoubtedly a genius in the marketing sector. Apple Computers Inc started with the production of 2 computers in the garage at the side of Steve’s house. With very limited education Job’s has managed to build his empire to be what it is today. His marketing strategies are well thought out and always up to date,

Job’s has expanded his marketing techniques to reach a wide market (something some companies would consider insane, having to take a risk that no one has took before).

He has used his persuasiveness and clever marketing techniques to build an ideal world of white, abstract, shiny , arty and most importantly expensive surroundings that everyone wants. Luckily for the consumer, Steve Job’s loves to sell you his premium priced electronics, which, are of course “superior” to that of the competitor.

Job’s ability to sell products, market them successfully and always come up with something new and unique is reflected in the company logo

To cut a long story short Apple is a huge success story from the point of marketing. Now, on to the product.


I will be focusing on a selection of Apple’s products. I have chosen the most successful from a marketing point of view. Here they are:


he Powermac is Apple’s flagship desktop “Power PC”. The Powermac is aimed at professional users and is used worldwide as industry standard in web...
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