Appeasement (WWII)

Topics: World War II, Adolf Hitler, Neville Chamberlain, World War I, League of Nations / Pages: 16 (3836 words) / Published: Jan 29th, 2014
To what extent did the Appeasement influence the beginning of the World War Two?

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The World War is a bloodiest, the most aggressive, violent and devastating war, affecting the most powerful and populous countries in the world. The First World War is not an option. That is the reason why after the end of the WWI in 1918, the major superpowers were trying to maintain peace in the world, especially in Europe, since the most military actions took place in this region during the WWI. The very first attempts have been The Peace Treaty of Versailles, where the “winner” countries discussed the restrictions and punishments of the “loser” countries and tried to achieve the common decisions of maintaining peace and avoiding future disagreements. The Appeasement was one of the attempts of achieving peace, equality and stability in the region of Europe, initiated by the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Neville Chamberlain. He strongly believed that this appeasement policy is the only way to stop the spreading of the Communist Russia’s influence over the Eastern Europe countries and lower the discontent of German nation, which was a threat to grow into aggressive actions, since Germany was not satisfied about the decisions of the Treaty of Versailles, according to which Germany was to blame for the beginning of the WWI and had to pay huge reparations, was taken away some of its’ lands and got a lot of restrictions. The importance of maintaining peace during the interwar period and the threat of the Second World War is a reason of choosing to analyze this topic and event. After understanding the importance of this policy, if it had not failed, the question arises: “To what extent did the Appeasement influence the beginning of the World War Two?” And that is the question, which is going to be discussed in this essay. Using primary and secondary sources, it will analyze the reasons of the failure of this policy and examine other possible

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