APES Midterm Questions Answers

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APES Midterm Questions Answers
Name: __________________________ Date: _____________ APES Mid-Term Possible Exam Questions
The exam will consist of 100 questions selected from the 175 questions on this review sheet.
___ 1. Potential locations for wind farms include:
A) mountain passes B) islands C) coastal areas D) grasslands E) all of these
___ 2. Landscape ecology:
A) is the study of human-designed communities
B) examines the influences of human activity on natural ecosystems
C) is exclusively concerned with terrestrial ecosystems
D) studies the connections among various ecosystems in a particular region
E) none of these
___ 3. The study of how people use their limited resources to try to satisfy their unlimited wants is termed
A) business analyses B) model testing C) hypotheses development D) economics E) resource management
___ 4. A scientist who first sounded the alarm about the growth of the human population and the ability of the earth to handle a large population of humans was:
A) Charles Darwin B) Paul Ehrlich C) Thomas Malthus D) Rachel Carson E) James Lovelock
___ 5. The more than 100 dam impoundments along the Columbia River:
A) generate electricity
B) control floods
C) adversely affect fish populations
D) supply municipal and industrial water to several major urban areas
E) all of these
___ 6. Entropy is a measure of:
A) the amount of energy in a system D) the efficiency of a system
B) the amount of work done E) the rate of energy use in a system
C) the disorder in a system
___ 7. Tar sands, oil shales, and gas hydrates are examples of:
A) fossil fuels B) synfuels C) evaporates D) petrochemicals E) strata
___ 8. Reasoning that uses specific cases or examples to draw a general conclusion or discover a general principle is:
A) deductive reasoning B) inductive reasoning C) hypothesizing D) rationalizing E) assessing
___ 9. The theory of evolution by natural selection was proposed in, The Origin of

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