APA Guidelines Outline

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Quick Checklist of APA Guidelines:
For any questions about APA the following website is amazingly helpful and very detailed: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/
12-point font throughout the paper (Times New Roman is the preferred font). Word 2007 and later versions default to a different font than this and must be changed to avoid losing points 1” margins on all sides, left margin justified, right margin unjustified (words not hyphenated). Older versions of Word default to 1.25” margins on the left and right that much be changed to avoid losing points

Indent first line of each paragraph one tab (should be between 5 and 7 spaces) Double-spaced text, with only one double space between paragraphs (no extra spaces that later versions of Word defaults to add them, and they must be removed) Page numbers: upper right corner at the right margin (flush right), just the number, no word ‘page’ or p.

Running head, a shortened version of the title of the paper. On title page, “Running head: ___(SHORTENED TITLE HERE—IN ALL CAPS)___, on pages following, just the shortened title, no phrase “running head.” Should begin at the left margin at the top of every page and the shortened title needs to be in all capital letters.

Title page: always page number 1 (upper right corner), with the full running head. Centered on page, just above the middle of the page, type the title of the assignment, your name on the next line, and on the next line down type the class info (i.e. ECO 6200). Do not use a pre-formatted title page template.

Abstract, unless stated otherwise in the assignment guidelines, this should be included on the page after the title page. The running head and page number at the top, then the title Abstract centered at the top of the page, then one double-space below, type the abstract, which is basically a summary of your paper that is between 150 and 250 words in length. Should only be one paragraph.

Always write in 3rd person—never 1st...

References: Social Security Administration. (2008, March 25). Frequently asked questions about social
security’s future
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