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Ap Lang 11 22

By willdeaton1234 Mar 26, 2015 693 Words
Logical fallacy (11/22)

In the coming election you have a choice between voting for me or voting for fiscal irresponsibility.

This is an either-or fallacy and it is faulty in that it only gives you two choices and you don’t know anything else about these choices other than what you read. Like the “me” in the sentence could be a very irresponsible person as well.

Slip or Trip Thesis Statement (11/22)

I believe that the girl is guilty because the way he feel, the burning of stuff on the stove, the glass in his hand, and nothing had been messed up that is hanging on the wall.

3 claims, grounds, and warrants (11/22)

1. A good speech maintains the attention of the audience.
Claim: I would agree
Ground: With out keeping the audience you have no one you are speaking to which means you are talking to yourself and not giving a speech. Warrant: If you are not speaking to an audience than it is not a speech it is just talking to yourself. 2. Not reporting all your income to the IRS is a crime.

Claim: I would agree
Ground: This would allow you to keep more money away from supporting our necessities like police, firefighters, etc. Warrant: Not giving the paying full taxes my not reporting your income to the IRS is like stealing from the government. 3. The government should act to reform the health care system. Claim: I would agree

Ground: They need to reform it because as we have seen there are already many problems that need to be fixed. Warrant: Without reform there is no way for this law to work which in return.

Aristotelian vs. Toulmin

There are many difference between the Aristotelian arguments and the Toulmin arguments, like when they are used, what they are used for, and why they were created. Aristotelian arguments are used to try and persuade your audience into taking your position where as Toulmin arguments are used more for everyday arguments that the Aristotelian arguments don’t cover. Now both of these are great ways in getting people to understand what you think and why they should agree with you but both have their place. You should always know which one you should use because if you use the wrong one than you might have a hard time convincing the other person.

Will Deaton
Mrs. Gartland
AP English Language
15 December 2013
Lincoln as a Legal Writer Summary
In this document we are able to make many connections that help us to understand how Lincoln was able to become the writer he was. The first connection is how Lincoln educated Lincoln was as a boy. He was always reading books and he wanted to read because he was the one that would walk the long distances just so he could get some new information that would help him to further his education. He is what people want as examples for their children for he truly lived the American Dream and worked his way from the bottom to the top.

Another example that is given in this paper is how Lincoln tried his hardest to learn the ways of Henry Clay and Lincoln was able to copy Clays writing style. This is one of the main reasons Lincoln was able to become the legal writer he was, because why not learn how to become a legal writer from one of the best. Without Lincoln having copied, Clays writing style, he would have never been as understood or persuasive to be able to get the job done and bring peace back to this country.

Finally one of the last sources Lincoln used, to become the writer we know, was the Bible. Lincoln was an devote Christian, he read the Bible like any good Christian does and from this book Lincoln was able to see all the many different writing styles from all of the authors of the Bible. He was then able to take those styles that he read and apply them to his own writing style which in return helped to create his own unique legal writing style.

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