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Topics: Charities, Student, Donation, The Reward, Grade, Exchange / Pages: 2 (473 words) / Published: Oct 24th, 2013
In the column “The Ethicist” by Randy Cohen, he received a question from a reader. It demonstrated how parents are concerned about teachers exchanging donations, from students, for a grade. They believe that this action defeats the purpose and value of charities and donations. Students can easily set expectations for receiving a reward after achieving a considerate act. However this exchanging process is able to inspire students to take generous actions in their future. The exchange can give a student an opportunity to gain many benefits if they decide to participate. This is encouraging students to gain knowledge on life and on the academic experience. This trade allows students to become aware and acknowledge that there are organizations and charities to help out others. Teachers that claim to give grade points for a student who donate, is a way to advertise and lure them to assist others. Although, there is a possibility for a student to join this process for the sake of the reward. Regardless, whether they do this out of consideration or not, they are still helping out others. Helping others is the main purpose for an organization. As long as they achieve their purpose, providing money, food, and clothing, receiving the “wrong message” should not be the main concern. This exchange is a very pleasant deal because the provider and the receiver both collect something rewarding. Both the student and the charity gain something. This can be very beneficial. Most organizations offer special benefits for those who donate. In fact those who donate help by recycling there things instead of creating more waste and dump. It is actually beneficial for everyone, the environment, others, including the donator. The pros outshine the con, which means that exchanging donations for grades is acceptable and appropriate. This process does not harm anyone in any way. It has been said that parents are

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