Antigone Vs Creon Essay

Topics: Oedipus, Sophocles, Creon Pages: 3 (514 words) Published: May 13, 2016

“I did not think anything which you proclaimed strong enough to let a mortal override the gods and their unwritten and unchanging laws,” (lines 510-513) proclaims Antigone, once again asserting her opinion on whose laws she is justified to follow. Antigone’s persona contrasts with Creon’s character ultimately due to their conflicting motivations about which laws should be followed: the word of the gods, or the laws of man.These conflicting motivations the characteristics of unreasonableness, anger, and disrespect to be highlighted within Creon’s character. In the end, these conflicting motivations develop Creon as a tragic hero by ensuing his stubbornness, and damaging his pride.
Antigone and Creon’s actions and feelings contrast because she insists that she will only follow the rights of the gods, not the king. This is evident...

Creon becomes more agitated when Antigone seemingly mocks him when captured for her crime. “She laughs at what she’s done . Well, in this case, if she gets her way and goes unpunished, then she’s the man here, not me.” (lines 548-550) Creon’s sexism and overwhelming need for subordination allows him to see no other way for Antigone, except for her punishment, death.
Antigone and Creon’s extremely conflicting motivations lead to the portrayal of Creon’s less desirable characteristics . Overall, this would lead to Creon unwillingness to compromise in the matter of Antigone and further develops the theme of how pride can be dangerous. Creon could have prevented the tragedy of the play had he been open to some type of compromise. If Creon had recognised in the beginning that he was going against his own gods, he might have seen the justification of Antigone’s actions. After all, Antigone was only following “the gods and their unwritten and unchanging laws,” (lines...
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