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Anti Imperialism Speech Against the Annexation of the Phillippines

By robtmoon Feb 23, 2010 269 Words
Annexation of the Philippines - Argument Against

I reflect on our own Declaration of Independence that states "Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed." We went to the Philippines to protect them from Spain and now here we are doing what we were keeping Spain from doing to these people. I ask we have their consent to annex them? Do they believe it is in their best interest to be annexed to our great country? And what measures are we taking to fund a continued military presence to care for these people? If the Filipinos are not in support of this annexation, they will most assuredly fight us that will result in unnecessary violence and bloodshed of both American soldiers and Filipinos, whether you think them civilized or uncivilized. This is hypocritical to what we ourselves claim in our ideals expressed in our Declaration of Independence...the right to self govern. With this move of annexation are we not acting on the grounds of Imperialism which goes against our belief as a Republic? Are we conquerors, or are we liberators? I believe we should allow Aguinaldo, who we brought there from exile, to set up their own government and create a strong partnership that is agreeable for both the Philippines and the United States with mutual prosperity. Let us be the inspiration and model of their new venture and not force it upon them. This move will be viewed by eyes of other countries; it will impact their perception of our United States and the freedoms our nation values.

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