Anthropology and Beyond

Topics: Evolution, Human evolution, Human Pages: 5 (1468 words) Published: May 24, 2014
 “A Change to Remember”

When I was just a kid, I really wondered what explanation of science holds with regards the creation of humans. I have been searching for answers from websites, textbooks, teachers but they only answer be the different evolutions and not the précised details of it. I even asked a priest about it and he started to disregard my point about the evolution of humans. You can’t blame an 8 year old kid who is searching for the right and justified answer to it. Another dilemma that I had before is that I couldn’t distinguish the different cultures and beliefs of other society. Adapting to their societal norms was a hard job for me to do because I have no idea about the things you should do to adapt. Studying college in De La Salle University is such a blessing especially to students like me who are willing to learn new things and absorb it like sponge. Moreover, De La Salle University is a world class university when it comes to facilities and faculty that’s why in my first two terms new ideas overflowed. Anthropology for me is one of the most interesting and engaging subjects owing to the wide scope of the different topics that would be discussed. One significant change in my outlook is that we Filipinos are Xenocentric in belief. We always think of other culture is better than ours. Our heritage is not good enough as the other countries. As a result, Filipinos patronize products that are being produced and manufactured in foreign countries. We may think of it as a colonial mentality but anthropology explains the concept of colonial mentality sharply. Before I thought of colonial mentality is just an attitude wherein a person is trying to be the other person by buying goods from the country. But now, the concept of it is more vivid in my head. It is like discovering the cause of it. I had various reporting’s about Colonial Mentality and I was only pointing out more on the technical cause of it and not the other reasons behind it. When I took up CITIGOV, I was scrutinized by my professor about the deeper concept behind colonial mentality of the Filipinos but I couldn’t help but smile because I have no idea. But because of INTHROP, I learned that there is certainly a reason behind the acceptance of Filipinos on the concept of colonial mentality. It is not only the economical and practical side of it but a more hypothetical understanding of it. Someday, when I have a professional career this outlook change might play a critical role on my job especially my planned path is Law. I might discover the solution for the problem of colonial mentality because of the outlook that I have towards it. Knowing the cause of a problem means knowing the solution as well. Another significant learning that I have acquired from this class is that we came from only one race. Before I had this class, I perceived that different continents mean different races but as what my professor in Anthropology always pointed out that our race came from only one species, The Homo Erectus. Even though it is not yet cleared on how humans evolved, it is absolute that we evolved from Homo erectus. Though we have different colors, different cultures and different way of living, we are one meaning our roots came from a mother species. We can’t deny that because evidences are there to prove it. I admit, before entering and finishing the course, I am born to be a Racist guy. There is this instance wherein my family travelled to United States and met some black friends of my relatives and I am somewhat in state of shock because I am really scared of black people that is why I despise them. A black guy approached me and chatted with me about some stuffs about the Philippines and I was very hesitant to reveal some things about my country because I thought that he would just bomb or do something crazy in the Philippines. Another instance of being racist is way back 2004 when a black girl from New York went to the Philippines because she is with...
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