Anthem for Doomed Youth

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‘Anthem For Doomed Youth’

Anthem For Doomed Youth by Wilfred Owen is a poem which I read recently, in which the author conveys horror’s of death in World War 1. The author‘s use of technique’s is quite effective. His use of the sonnet form, word choice, juxtaposition, irony and figurative language creates a strong image of the tragedy lack of respect for the young soldier’s dying at war.

Anthem For Doomed Youth is one of best known World War poem’s because of the way in the Octet, Wilfred translates the horror and tragedy of the war and the struggling fight for funeral rites for the young dead soldiers.

The title is one of the effective technique’s that the author use’s. It’s the way the tile conveys a strong contrast in the imagination of the reader. “Anthem For Doomed Youth.”

The connotations of the word “Anthem” creates a very positive theme for the poem. We, In our minds, would probably link the word Anthem to praise, time of celebration or in a church with the national anthem which ties in with the War. Owen contrast’s “Anthem” with “Doomed Youth” to show the bitterness and horrific time of the war and the death of the young soldiers. The juxtaposition of the poems title is the contrast between the “Doomed” and “Youth”. This is an extreme contrast as “Youth” we consider as a life not yet lived and celebrating the future not yet been discovered, yet the celebrating “Youth” are “Doomed”. “Doomed” suggests no hope and the likely hood of the soldier’s not returning. The way the author uses the contrast to give the reader a taste of the bitter irony theme to the poem,

Another contrast straight away in the poem is the form of the poem which gives’s strong contrast with the theme. Owen starts to write in the sonnet form which is usually used to write a poem of phrase or love. There is not only a contrast between the form and the content of the poem but he also contrasts the form and the title. The form and the title is quite ironic...
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