Anthem Essay

Topics: Individualism, Individual, Ayn Rand Pages: 3 (1371 words) Published: October 26, 2001
Ayn Rand's Anthem shows us her view of our world united under what seems to be communist rule. For example their view of right and wrong; which Anthem portrays is a system of very strict rules which mainly make sure that everyone is involved in a collective role within the society in this system no one is considered an individual or that they can even think as an individual. From the day that Equality 7-2521 were united as one they have been considered freaks, because they were all about six feet tall and looked down upon by the other groups within the society. After their schooling, Equality 7-2521 were sent to the "Home of the Street Sweepers" and there they were assigned a certain sector of the city to keep clean. They were probably made street sweepers because they were abnormally tall which says a lot about the society's views about discrimination. There is a very strict rule on individualism that is enforced in the harshest of ways. If someone says the forbidden word EGO or any individualistic vocabulary their tongue would be cut out, that way they couldn't tell anyone the word and at that time they are sentenced to death and then they were burned at the stake. Saying the forbidden word is the only crime punishable by death in the society. Another rule is if someone thinks individually or acts individually they will be sent to the House of Detention, there they were beaten and locked up for a vast amount of time. The rule was very important because everything that was done individually is a sin and considered evil. Equality 7-2521 didn't take a liking to the idea of individuality or of the many other rules imposed upon by the society. One day while doing their street sweeping duties they discovered a tunnel. They thought the tunnel was from the "Unmentionable Times." Equality 7-2521 would sneak away to their secret tunnel everyday when the town citizens were at the town meetings. Equality 7-2521 would steal scrolls and supplies from the House of...
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