Ant 101 Week 3

Topics: Navajo people, Navajo Nation, New Mexico Pages: 3 (506 words) Published: May 21, 2013
The Navajo of Yesterday and Today

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ANT 101



Sample Outline

I. Intro

II. Beliefs and Values

A. Religion

B. Rituals

C. Earth and Holy People

III. Social Organizations

D. Social Obligations

E. Witchcraft

F. Navajo Tribal Courts

IV. Sickness and Healing

G. Herbalist

H. Shamans

I. Medicine Man

V. Conclusion

The Navajo of Yesterday and Today
The Navajo of yesterday and today are best known as the Dine, a southwest territory in the Native American. The Navajos are the second largest tribe in the United States. The primary mode of survival is pastoralist. In the next few pages I will talk about three major way of everyday living of the Navajos. The beliefs and values, social organizations and sickness and healing. The Navajo refer to their religion as the Navajo way. This religion in particular is practiced in many ways. The Navajo pray to the winds, the sun and numerous Gods which in most part have been from their own people who have already passed away. Offerings by ceremonial dances are offered to honor their Gods. These ceremonies are done often because the Navajo believe this is how they will keep their Gods happy and protecting them. One of the rituals the Navajo are known for are the rituals with the rain. The Navajo believe the rain is one of the four main elements of Earth; light, air and pollen. ((Official Navajo Nation Visitor Guide. (2002). Navajo Cultural History and Legends.) Both men and women rain are identifies by the rain. If it thunders and the skies are dark is a male rain, if is gentle is a female rain. The Navajos belief that when it rains their Gods can hear them so they tend to have positive thoughts and pray to their Gods. The ones who think negatively will be punished by their Gods, as they believe. Social Organizations

When it comes to witchcraft, the Navajo referred to is as...

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