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Part Two: Learning about the Contents of the US Constitution

Assignment Information: The US Constitution provides the framework of the US government. Since 1789, the document has been formally changed 27 times. People debate the meaning and interpretation of the Constitution, causing conflict among different groups. You are responsible for learning and knowing the information below in order to comprehend how the US government is supposed to work.

Assignment Directions:
(1) Read the US Constitution and complete the following questions. - A great resource:
1. Read each article of the Constitution. Summarize the general purpose or subject of each article in 10 words or less.
Article I

This article explains power of the legislative branch in government.
Article II

This article states power in President or executive branch.

Article III

This article explains the duty of the judicial branch.

Article IV

This article explains the laws of the states in America.
Article V

Explains that amendments have to be passed by Congress.
Article VI

Constitution is the supreme law and authority must swear by it.
Article VII
Constitution was finalized and laws were agreed or disagreed on.

2. Eligibility Requirements:
Constitutional Office
List the Constitutional Qualifications to Hold this Office
Member in the House of Representatives
Must be at least 25.
Be a resident of state wanting to represent.
Be citizen of the US for 7 years.

Must be at least 30.
Must have been citizen of US for nine years.
Resident of state wanted to represent.

President (and Vice President)
No felonies.
Natural born US citizen. At least 35.

Supreme Court Justice
Not specific qualifications but you do have to be trained in law.

3. The powers of the Constitution that are specifically granted to the branches of government or to officeholders are called

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