American Government: the Framers

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American Government
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The constitution of the United States was written in 1787 and was later ratified in 1789 by our founding fathers. The document was written because the people who came over from other countries were running from a centralized government, Great Britain. The people did not want to be controlled by their government but they wanted to have a say on how the government should operate. The people wanted a voice. Under the articles of the Confederation it spread out the powers of the independent states but it soon became over whelming and therefore the Constitution was a collaboration of all the colonies’. The “Framers” designed a three tier government were it delegated the powers on a national level and reserved some powers to the states. I will layout the extended powers on the federal level and state level. I will also list the limitations that are imposed on the federal and state level. Yes, I do believe that there are some instances of laws and issues that do lap over the one and another. I will do my best to explain how our government operates. According the Unites States Constitution the following powers are extended to the Federal Government: 1) To lay and collect import duties.(2) To pay the debts of the U.S. Government.(3) To regulate commerce with foreign nations and Indian Tribes.(4) To regulate commerce among the States.(5) To regulate immigration.(6) To establish a uniform rule of naturalization.(7) To establish uniform laws on bankruptcy throughout the United States.(8) To coin money and regulate its value and that of foreign coin, and to issue bills of credit.(9) To provide for the punishment of counterfeiting the securities and current coin of the United States.(10) To fix the standard of weights and measures.(11) To provide and regulate postal services.(12) To establish protection for intellectual property, including patent, copyright, and trademark rights.(13)...

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