Topics: Nutrition, Appetite, Eating disorders Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: October 27, 2014
Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder described as loss of appetite (Schwartz, 2012). Many individuals or patients refuse to eat, view themselves as overweight and obsess about losing weight when in fact; they are already underweight and unhealthy. Their biggest fear is gaining weight and ultimately losing control. Anorexics are extremely strong willed and often times focus only on losing weight. Unfortunately, they are unable to view themselves accurately and see themselves as unattractive and overweight. Individuals suffering from anorexia tend to fear high calorie foods, exercise excessively, and may also indulge in laxatives and/or vomiting. Those suffering from anorexia will go days without eating and suffer from malnutrition. They continuously compare themselves to others, and quite frankly feel inferior. They do not view themselves as most do, and in fact, see themselves vey differently. Treatment is more complex than most think. One must admit there is a problem and want to get help, and must participate in counseling and be willing to take medication; if prescribed. In my situation, support from loved ones was helpful if they truly understood the underlying issues. However, I feel those closest to me did not know how to handle it, therefore; made it easier to unravel. Those close simply think one should make a sandwich and eat it. I mean, how difficult is that? But what they do not realize it is not about the food, it is simply about controlling the food. Social relationships tend to suffer, as most do not understand the severity and complexity of the disease. It is easy to command someone to eat, but little do others know, this only empowers those to want to eat less in order to maintain control. Individuals suffering from anorexia truly believe the thinner one is the most beautiful. This can or will result in low self-esteem because they are continuously comparing themselves to others. Regardless if they are thinner or more beautiful, those...
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