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1. INTRODUCTION A thesis is a document submitted in support of candidature for an academic degree or professional qualification presenting the author's research and findings. A typical thesis has a title page, an Abstract, a table of contents, a body, comprising the various chapters (introduction, literature review, findings, etc.), and a bibliography or (more usually) a references section. 2. GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS  The thesis should be written in English. Quotations should normally be in English, with the original language included in a footnote where appropriate.  The Complete thesis should be prepared on Standard A4 Size Paper. 3. ORDERING OF PARTS Parts of the thesis should be ordered as follows:             Title page Certificate Declaration Abstract or executive summary Acknowledgements or dedications Table of contents List of Figures, Tables or Illustrations List of Abbreviations Body of the thesis Appendices Glossary Bibliography/Reference list Required Required Required Required Optional Required Where required Where required Required Where required Where required Required

3.1 Title Page The title of the thesis should be as concise as possible. It must occur consistently in every respect, including punctuation, capitalization, and hyphenation, on the abstract and approval forms. On the title page, the identical title must appear in all capital letters with each line centered on the page. The month in which the thesis is submitted, e.g., May, August, or January is to be printed at the bottom of the page. The title page is not numbered, but it is counted. The Specimen of the Title page is given in Annexure. 3.3 Certificate Page This is the most significant for thesis submission. It must be signed by the Supervisor and CoSupervisor (if selected). Without this the thesis will not be accepted.


3.4 Declaration Page This is also the most significant for thesis submission. It must be filled by students and if students have received outside assistance or involved the contributions of others, it must be acknowledged in written statement. 3.5 Abstract The abstract should provide a succinct, descriptive account of the thesis. The abstract should not exceed 600 words, should be double-spaced, and should adhere to the same style manual as the thesis manuscript. The abstract should include pertinent place names, names of persons, and other proper nouns. These are useful in automated retrieval. A lower-case Roman numeral is used on the abstract page. 3.6 Dedication (optional) The dedication is brief, single-spaced, and centered on the page (horizontally and vertically). No heading is used. The word "To" customarily begin the dedication. 3.7 Acknowledgement This section begins with the title ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS centered in all capital letters. This page is used to thank those persons who have been instrumental to the student in completing the degree requirements. Acknowledgement of grants and special funding received to support the research also may be made on this page. 3.8 Table of Contents The Table of Contents must include all chapter headings, the bibliography, and appendices. Entries are 1.5 lines spaced. The headings of major sections (i.e., chapters, bibliography, appendices) are written in all capital letters. Table of Contents headings must be identical to those in the text. Page numbers listed must be right- justified and connected to the appropriate entry by a line of evenly spaced dot leaders (periods). The words TABLE OF CONTENTS must be centered on the page two inches from the top of the first page only. 3.9 List of Tables (if tables appear in document) The heading, LIST OF TABLES, appears centered on the page two inches from the top of the first page only. All table numbers and captions are listed exactly as they appear in the...
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