Animal Testing

Topics: Animal testing, Animal rights, Testing cosmetics on animals Pages: 2 (786 words) Published: November 6, 2012
Is Animal Testing a Necessity? Should researchers experiment on an animal to save human lives? Every year, millions of animals undergo painful torture, suffering, or death. For a result, of scientific research into the effects of drugs, cosmetics, food additives, and other chemical products. While most people think animal testing is necessary and required, but others were upset by what they see as needless suffering. Yet many opponents passionately argue that animal testing is wrong, unnecessary, and cruel. Here, are their main arguments “Animals and humans biologically differ from each other. So results from animal experiments can't be applied accurately to humans. Humane alternatives too much of animal research, such as tissue samples and computer models, already exist, animals have rights.” (John McArdle). When scientists engage in animal research, "they violate the rights of an animal to be free from unnatural diseases, injuries, or mental and behavior problems," says (John McArdle). Imagine how these poor animals feel and have to experience when they are shoved in cages that are so small waiting for the research to begin. Animal testing sometime is not reliable and is extremely expensive. Animal testing is inhumane and in fact now that there are valid alternatives exist to this; the number of animals used in lab research had decreased. There are many negative and positive aspects to the practice of animal testing. For example without animal testing, there would not be the medical advances in technology in the present nowadays. Does animal testing a necessity? Well, Animal testing may be a necessary and require, but we need to be merciful. Without animal testing, various procedures or new drugs would be extremely risky. Animals are the closest things that resemble human living systems like the reproductive systems, and the digestive track. Besides medical testing, there is another matter animal tests are use for, cosmetics. Most people are strongly...

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