Animal Experimentation

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Animal Experimentation
Animal experimentation is the use of non-human animals in experiments. Millions of animals are used annually in laboratories to test in household products, medicine, make up, food additives, weaponry, and psychological experiments. Animal experimentation began with the Greeks in the third and fourth century BC with their curiosity of human bodily functions. Aristotle and Erasistratus were one of the first people to use animals for experiments. Galen, was Greek physician, was known as the “father of vivisection” and focused mainly on goats and monkeys after the church didn’t let him continue his experiments on human corpses. A vivisection is performed for experimental purposes on living organisms to study the internal living structure. Human vivisection has been a form of torture in the past. Avenzoar was the first to bring up animal testing as an experimental method by testing surgical procedures on animals before applying them to humans. Debates on whether animal experimentation has been around since the 17th century.

First off, animal testing has led to many life saving cures and treatments. Herceptin and Tamoxifin were two valuable drugs used to treat breast cancer that has saved thousands of lives only capable with the research done in animal testing. Another animal testing pro is that there is no other living alternative whole body. Animals are used because they are living and they have many of the same organs as humans. We wouldn’t be able to cut up a plant and look at it’s inside to develop human body research, but we can with animals due to many of the same organs and living body. Another pro is that animals are similar to humans in many different ways. There are alike not only physically but also mentally. We both have similar instincts and we mentally process things the same way. Another pro is that animals are only used with for ethical reasons; we are not able to use human experiments. If the experiment could harm a human...
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