Animal Deserves Rights

Topics: Animal rights, Animal testing, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Pages: 4 (1231 words) Published: December 13, 2005
Animals Deserve Rights

When one thinks about animal rights, one usually thinks about the rights or privileges of men. Perhaps, after a little extra thought, one may wonder: What about the other living creatures that we share the environment with? What rights, if any, should they have? Animals and man have shared this planet since humans first appeared on earth. Animals have provided transportation, food, clothing, shelter, companionship and entertainment and even medical testing for thousands of years. Therefore, it is our duty to treat animals with respect, care and kindness and not cause them undue suffering, because they have, in many ways, made it possible for man to survive on earth and they too deserve rights.

"The philosophical foundation of most animal rights groups grows from a view that all living species are equal and equally worthy of dignity and freedom," said Sheldon (1). Animals have come a long way, biologists note that god gave animals to humanity for its use and so human, properly have "dominion" over these creatures. Sheldon stated that, "There for humans' superiority to other animals concede that humankind should take care of animals (1). Animals are given to us by god for use; humans are commended to be good to all living creatures, as gifts from god (1).

Second, animal activists oppose all animal-based medical research. Murray said, "If we had listened to their arguments 50 years ago, children still would be contracting polio (the vaccine was developed in monkeys) (1). Diabetics would not have insulin, a benefit of research on dogs. We would also be without antibiotics for pneumonia, chemotherapy for cancer, surgery for heart diseases, organ transplants and variety of different tests, especially to test the products that we use in our everyday life. An animal have been used to test tobacco, cosmetic products, and sometimes cures for diseases, but these animals are rodents that people could care less about, such as, rats and...
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