Animal Cruelty - Essay 7

Topics: Animal rights, Ethics, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Pages: 4 (1246 words) Published: December 8, 2005
While many people would like to think animal cruelty no longer exist, what people fail to realize is that it is still happening all over then world today. The treatment of animals is completely unethical. Ethics is defined as, the study of moral standards and how they affect conduct. We live in a world governed by ethics and the concept or right and wrong. This is why animal cruelty in today society is so unreal. The fact animals are still regarded as a product rather then living breathing creatures is morally wrong. Unfortunately our morals don't extend to animals. Although many people claim that they are against animal cruelty they still see animals as forms of entertainment, clothing, and experiments which is complete unethical. Animals are not ours to use.

One form of animal cruelty that many people do not realize is animal entertainment. Animal entertainment is a multibillion dollar industry. Animals are constantly used in Circus, Zoos, and Bull fights. We enjoy a show while these animals are suffering. Animals are taken from their homes and forced to live in tiny replicas of their natural habitats. What people do not realize is that animals do not like being confined and enclosed and this often results in the animals becoming aggressive. "Since 1990, captive [circus] elephants have killed 43 people. The degree of suffering and cruelty of training techniques is clear when naturally peaceful elephants attack humans" (Animal Experimentation). When animals are deprived of the freedom to make choices and live freely they develop neurotic behavior. Animals are not only affected mentally by being forced to perform against their will, they are also affected physically. "Killer whales and dolphins live only 25% of their natural life expectancy when captive" (Animal Entertainment). Since the animals are not free to partake in their normal activities their health often suffers as a result which result is stress induced deaths. Taking animals from their homes and...

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