Animal Bill Of Rights For Animals Essay

Humans do not own the Earth. Animals are not obligated to provide them any services, despite the objections of many people. Animals are constantly poked, probed, or burned for the benefit of the human race. We are allowed medicines that cure or treat chronic illnesses due to the sacrifices made by animals, yet we treat them with disrespect because we see them as inferior. An Animal Bill of Rights is necessary. Animals should be protected as much as human beings are, because without them we may not even be alive. If an Animal Bill of Rights is the incentive for humans to treat animals with respect, then so be it. Animals do have feelings. In “A Change of Heart about Animals”, Jeremy Rifkin highlights the fact that “Indeed, “they are more like us than we imagined.” Some humans need or crave physical, mental, or emotional connections, otherwise they …show more content…
They are constantly being tested on to help find cures to certain illnesses or diseases. If a Bill of Rights for animals were to be issued, animal testing would be prohibited (“Animal Rights”). What will we ever do without animals suffering for our own sake? How else can we obtain our medicines? The medicines we ingest are for our own kind, so why do animals, who would never utilize them in their lifespan, have to be tested on, when clearly it should be humans. No mother would give goat’s milk to a newborn child. The boundary between humans and animals should not even exist. With all the modern technology, scientists have discovered that they hold human characteristics, therefore should be granted rights that would render society’s views of them to change, or at least cause them to have some consideration towards animals. Besides, they supply us with food that provide us with nutrients as well medicine to keep us alive. Even if they are not humans, they are still living beings. We are all beings living in one planet. It’s time we act like

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