Animal Abuse And Domestic Violence

Topics: Abuse, Child abuse, Domestic violence, Psychological abuse, Physical abuse, Bullying / Pages: 7 (1502 words) / Published: Dec 5th, 2016
Abuse can appear unexpectedly in anyone's life. One of many reasons people detect abuse or signs of abuse in time is because they don't know what exactly abuse is. Animal abuse is cruelty to animals or intentional infliction by humans upon any non-human animal. Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive behavior, used by one partner to gain or maintain power and control. It can be physical, sexual, or emotional. Another way to know if abuse is present in your relationship is if one partner uses physiological actions or threats of actions that influence another person. If you detect any of these “signs” there is a probability you are in an abusive relationship. There's a connection between these two different types of abuses, and that is key …show more content…
People in this certain situation feel like if they can't defend their animals, they can't defend themselves. This leads them into staying longer in that violent environment. This is important because this is a good example of how animal abuse and domestic violence connects to each other and how these two different types of abuses are hard to stop. In St. Joseph county Phil Arkow spoke with police officers, animal control officers, and child protective services about the connection between Animal abuse and Domestic violence. He says “What we find is that if you go in on the animal cruelty case, you often find illegal weapons, gambling, drugs, and gang activity. You might find animal fighting and any of the other crimes that go along with it.”(www.”). This shows that criminals that are typically involved with any forms of violence don't care about the people they are hurting. This indicates that a minor offence and crime leads to bigger …show more content…
This shows that people who abuse humans and non- animals usually have this mindset develop in them as a child; therefore, it's extremely difficult for these people to change. This is important because it is another obstacle that makes ending animal abuse and Domestic violence even more hard.
“In 2015-16.. 3,324.9 domestic violence related assaults per 100,000 people.. In Alice springs” ( This shows that the security of women is not guaranteed because their is still men that have no problem in abusing women. The situation is also getting worse and another reason domestic violence is getting worse is because people don't pay enough attention to this issue and don't address it, and this leads to even more abuse.
“A 26 year old man called Spencer Pedersen.. Was discovered with at least eight dead and abused kittens in his dog pen” ( This shows that people who find pleasure in torturing animals still exist and just because the news doesn't cover these stories, it doesn't mean it's insignificant and it should go unnoticed. This is important because it shows that people who abuse animals are not punished accordingly, and this is because the country hasn't raised enough awareness to the problem, and that has caused people to use that as a way to justify their

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