Topics: Atherosclerosis, Aneurysm, Artery Pages: 2 (705 words) Published: September 23, 2010
To begin with, the word aneurysm derives from the Latin word “aneurysma.” In Latin “aneurysma” means dilation and dilation means that act of expanding. From this, it is easier to figure out what an aneurysm really is. The definition of the English word aneurysm means, blood-filled dilation of a blood vessel. There are several different types of aneurysm, but this report will only cover a cerebral one.

Intracranial aneurysms are classified as dissecting, saccular, and fusiform. There are many causes of intracranial aneurysms. Some of the most common causes would include fibromuscular dysphasia, atherosclerosis, and arteriovenous malformation. Some that are less common, but do occur would include drugs, infection, and trauma. Dissecting aneurysms occur when blood enters a vessel wall through a rupture in the intima, which is the inner lining of vein or artery. The damage in dissecting aneurysms varies greatly depending on the damage it has already caused. These are the weakest aneurysms, because they don’t leave the premises of the parent vessel. There are cases were dissecting aneurysms cause great damage, but it is highly unlikely. Aneurysms that fall into this category are mostly caused by trauma to the head. Most of the time when this occurs damage is caused to the extracranial region of the brain. These are the rarest among all the other aneurysms and only would be caused by a severe head injury.

Fusiform aneurysms are also called atherosclerotic aneurysms, because of the condition atherosclerosis, which is when plaque builds up in the artery walls. Fusiform aneurysm effect mostly the older population. The effects usually pertain to the vertebrobasilar system, which is the system the contains vertebral and basilar arteries. The aneurysm itself effects the tissues of the brain stem. A rupture may cause a brainstem infarction, in which tissues of the stem are destroyed. That causes the midbrain, medulla and the pons to shut down. Fustiform aneurysm are...
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