Topics: Chinese calendar, Duanwu Festival, Dragon boat Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: May 26, 2014
Chinese Culture Club Xiang Bao Activity- May 30, 2014

Hello everyone, and thank you for coming today. I start this meeting at ____. Motion. Second.
II. Explain activity
a. today we are going to be making scented sachets, or Xiang Bao in cele bration of the Dragon Boat festival which is on June 2nd. Also, for those of you who are I.

here for the extra credit, you must stay for the entire activity and show Mrs.Hung your finished product before you leave
b. So that you are all familiar with what the dragon boat festival is we will be

watching a video about the history of this festival, why it is celebrated, and what people do on this day. Pay attention because we will be asking questions after the video is over.
i. What is this festival know as in Mandarin?
A. Duanwu Jie
ii. On the Chinese lunar calendar, when is the festival held? A. May 5
iii. Who's death is this festival commemorating?
A. Qu Yuan
iv. Why did he commit suicide?
A. The capital of his kingdom was overrun by the enemy
v. How did he commit suicide?
A. He commited suicide by drowning himself in the river
vi. What do people eat when celebrating this day?
A. Zong xi or Rice dumplings
vii. How did the tradition of the dragon boats come to be?
A. The legend that local people paddled out on similar like bo ats to retrieve Qu Yuan's body
viii. What are the Xiang Bao believed to do?
A. They are believed to ward off evil
ix. What are some fillings that are put inside the zong zi?
A. Bean paste, ham, and egg yolk
x. What are Xiang Bao traditionally made of?
A. Colorful silk cloth, Silk
III. Activity
a. You all should have gotten 2 two felt cut outs, a needle, and yarn. Is anyone missing anything if you are raise your hand and one of our counsel me mbers will come and give you whatever you're missing.

IV. Directions

a. Try to follow along with me as I read you the directions, and project what

I'm doing up on the board.
1. First, Thread the yarn through the needle, and...
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