And Death Shall Have No Dominion Notes

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And Death Shall Have No Dominion
Stanza 1 –
Line 1: death has no power over us, makes reference to Paul’s letter to the Romans Line 2: in death we are all equal
Line 3: play on words, concepts in death are different than in life, concepts in life don’t matter once you’re dead, things are mixed up: man in the moon, west wind Line 4: picked apart by bugs and vultures, dust to dust. Bones represent earthly life, when they die the bones are gone, clean bones mean clean slate in after life Line 5: The dead people will become stars in space, the is a contrast to line 4 “the early life” Line 6: after death everything becomes peaceful & everyone becomes sane (line 2, equality) Line 7: No matter how deep your worries & struggles during life you will always rise again. Line 8: Even though your love dies, you will still be loved, & you will still love them in spirit Line 9: and death shall have no dominion, refer to line 1

Stanza 2 –
Line 10: Incremental Repetition
Line 11: Under the problems of the earth, problems you face on earth, the turmoil & currents Line 12: You’ll die free of your problems, at peace. You will not die in pain, as life afterwards is free of the earth’s problems. Line 13&14: The next two lines talk about different torturing devices (twisting on racks & strapped to a wheel). This occurs when your bones & your body give way. Yet your spirit still stay strong. Line 15: Sometimes faith can be broken right in their hands by tragedy Line 16: Unicorns are symbols of purity, evil disguises itself within good things (oxymoron) Line 17: No matter how much life splits, it will never crack. Union of togetherness and how no matter how far we drift apart in life we will always find each other after death. Line 18: Incremental Repetition: And death shall have no dominion

Stanza 3 –
Line 19: Incremental Repetition
Line 20&21: Things that bothered you when you were alive will/can no longer bother you in death. Relates back to torture devices in...
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