Ancient Egyptians: Extravagant Art

Topics: Ancient Egypt, Egypt, Egyptian hieroglyphs Pages: 2 (785 words) Published: September 27, 2012
Extravagant Art
The culture of the ancient Egyptians is extremely interesting. Egyptians were the first people to make a large impact on the world of art. The ancient Egyptians had very unique and profound beliefs. Their entire culture is characterized by their religion and beliefs. Their art works were usually made or built for a purpose, and, more often than not, a religious purpose. There are two main functions of Egyptian art. One of the functions was to glorify the Gods, including the Pharaoh. The second reason was to help ease human passage into the after-life. Massive statues were built to represent gods and famous kings and queens. These statues were supposed to give eternal life to the kings and queens, and to enable the subjects to see them in physical forms. Egyptians and their beautiful representations in art and architecture have proven a legacy in the creations of certain landmarks, statues, and even advertisements. The Greeks derived many of their statues from Egyptian sculptures. Ancient Egyptian civilization believed in the concept of immortality. The main concept about the life after comes from the tombs that are still found in Egypt today. An example of this would be the structure of the Sarcophagus (850-750 B.C.E). A sarcophagus structure is a stone container that usually houses a coffin and an Egyptian mummy. The word sarcophagus is derived from the word sarx which means flesh, a Greek word. The Ancient Egypt sarcophagus was usually the external layer of protection for a royal mummy. An Ancient Egyptian sarcophagus was highly decorated with ornate carvings and paintings. They were usually carved with hieroglyphs and reliefs, both from inside and outside. This was believed to help protect them on the journey to the afterlife. The sarcophagus was designed like a rectangular box. The sarcophagus of the Pharaohs was shaped to resemble the human form with a carved portrait head of the Pharaoh. The materials used to make a sarcophagus consisted...
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