Ancient Chinese Contributions

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Assignment 2: Ancient Chinese Contributions

Ancient China was vastly innovated and superior with its innovations and contributions that are still being used throughout the world today. Ancient Chinese inventions such as silk, paper, gun powder, printing, tea, wheel barrow, porcelain, toilet paper and the compass have been vital to not only the Chinese culture, but also to world civilization. Without a doubt, I believe paper, printing, gun powder and the compass are the most useful inventions/contributions from the ancient Chinese.
In A.D.105 Cai Lun created a blend of wood fibers and water then pressed it onto a woven cloth which became the prototype for what we know today as paper ("The invention of," 2004). Before Cai Lun’s invention, words were written on various natural materials by ancient peoples such as grass stalks by the Egyptians, tree leaves by the Indians, on sheepskin by the Europeans and even inscribed on bamboo or wooden strips by the early Chinese ("Four great inventions," 2004). Before A.D.105, the first emperor in Chinese history, Qin Shihuang, had to go over 264 pounds of official documents that were written on bamboo and wooden strips ("Four great inventions," 2004).
Gunpowder was intended for making signal flares and fireworks by the early Chinese military. It was later modified and became a revolution to warfare throughout the world. Researches have found this invention goes as early back in the ancient Chinese culture when developed in 1044 by Zeng Gongliang (Lubigbig, 2012). Gunpowder lead too many great combat products like, fire throwers, property mines, simple hands grenades and dangerous gasoline covers (Lubigbig, 2012). These were very helpful tools during the the Song Dynasty. Gunpowder enabled the Chinese to hold off the Mongols for years. Eventually the Mongols were able to seize Chinese gunpowder makers and turn gunpowder back on the Chinese (Lubigbig, 2012). The Chinese gunpowder specialists were taken to work for the

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